BeCandle's Journey in Aroma Product Development and Manufacturing

Posted by Sau Yin Tsang

At BeCandle, we humbly take pride in our expertise in aroma product development and manufacturing. Since our inception, we have strived to create exceptional fragrances and products while upholding our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. In this article, we will share our journey, highlighting our capabilities in aroma development, candle and home fragrance manufacturing, and our dedication to making a positive impact on the community.

  1. Aroma Development:

    We are fortunate to have a small yet experienced in-house fragrance team that passionately crafts our signature scents and custom fragrances for collaborations. Over the years, we have fostered long-standing partnerships with renowned fragrance development and manufacturing partners. Our dedication to eco-friendly and clean fragrances is reflected in our adherence to esteemed certifications and standards such as Eco-Cert and IFRA (International Fragrance Association). These certifications ensure that our fragrances meet rigorous environmental and safety requirements, allowing us to offer our customers premium and sustainable scent options.

  2. Candle and home fragrance factory
Our journey in the industry has been enriched by collaborating with world-class manufacturers and esteemed clients. These partnerships have provided us with invaluable knowledge and a deep understanding of quality manufacturing practices. To further enhance our commitment to craftsmanship, we established our local manufacturing plant in Hong Kong eight years ago. This strategic decision allows us to closely oversee the production process, ensuring that each candle and home fragrance item meets our high standards of excellence. By manufacturing locally, we can maintain meticulous control over the artisanal quality and materials used, offering our customers products that embody our passion for craftsmanship.
     3. Clean and natural wax
Over the past decade, we have been working with the lab and the wax suppliers to keep refining the wax base materials quality and scent throw performance. With a blend of soy wax, beeswax, mineral wax and coconut oil, we try to achieve optimum quality on scent throw, outlook, glass adhesiveness and stability.
     4. Sustainability and Social Responsibility:
We believe in the power of our business to create a positive impact on both the environment and society. To this end, we have established a sub-branch production line in partnership with the local NGO J-Life. Through this collaboration, we empower a group of well-trained underprivileged single mothers from the Sham Shui Po Community. These talented women bring their exceptional skills to our travel candle line, infusing our products with a beautiful touch. By commissioning them for our candle production, we not only enhance our products but also support and uplift these deserving artisans. Our collaboration with J-Life allows us to contribute to the economic empowerment of disadvantaged women, helping them earn a sustainable livelihood through their craft.
5. Crafts community
BeCandle has worked with designers and craftsmen from the community to create unique series, including "OUR LAND - Sai Kung Soil" and "Metal Works". The "OUR LAND" series, produced using recycled soil from construction sites won the "Design For Asia Award Gold Award" in 2023.
BeCandle X The Grey Green
Sai Kung Soil
Metal Works
6. Examples of Commissioned Projects:
Our journey has been adorned with remarkable commissioned projects, where we have had the privilege of creating unique and personalised fragrance experiences. Some notable examples include:
W Hotel Fragrance box set
Standard Chartered Bank fragrance box set
Lane Crawford Candle box set
Qeelin X Moon Laboratory Candle in brass capsule
NASA X Anicorn X Moon Laboratory potpourri in stainless steel
Phillips Candle in Stainless steel
HKJC Candle box set
KEF X Michael Young X BeCandle Reed Diffuser
HOCC Sculpture Candle
Frama Copenhagen X BeCandle
Blue Bottle X BeCandle Coffee 
Aigle 170th anniversary candle
Artdicted X Mansanori Ushiki X BeCandle
Ciaolink X BeCandle

















BeCandle與設計師和工匠群體合作,創造了不同獨特的系列,包括「OUR LAND-西貢土壤」和「金屬工藝」。其中「UR LAND-西貢土壤」系列使用了來自建築工地的回收土壤,於2023年獲得了「亞洲最佳設計獎金獎」。



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