TOMORROW - T01 AIR Scented Candle 1500g with Trimmer

TOMORROW is a series of scented candles housed in the one of a kind colorful stained patina metal containers. It's the result of the continuous collaboration with the metal smith. Each piece is uniquely hand made and experimentally treated with high temperature, to create the very special and tactile outlook.



BRASS Scented Candle 1500g with Trimmer

BRASS is a collaboration that celebrates the craftsmanship of Hong Kong artisans.

After a long period of development with one of the most historical French fragrance houses, two of our most delicate and complex fragrances are housed in this neat and durable brass vessel handcrafted by local metalsmiths with skill and passion.



BeCandle X The Grey Green, 400g - VASE CANDLE

A Collaboration from BeCandle and The Grey Green, designed by Hong Chong Ip @ MO-Design, comes a work titled “Vase Candle”. A Stainless steel vessel with two sides that can hold scented candle and dried flowers. Hot and Cold; Movement and Stillness. The two sides form a clear disparity, both seemingly not related, yet they Interwoven on one another, converge on one another.