The Artonomos team masters and applies advanced fabrication techniques onto varied materials according to their characteristics, to produce the most organic
and one of a kind product.

Artonomos is founded on the idea that everyone deserves unique and beautiful things. They explore how technology enables the creation of one of a kind products with an artistic touch. At Artonomos studio, nothing is mass produced. They create every single piece uniquely.

To ensure the quality of works, their studio is located right next to our workshop where the team closely monitor the process of creation.

MIRO is founded by Michael and Rony in the Netherlands since 2010 and now based in Hong Kong. The collaboration started after they completed the IM masters course at Design Academy Eindhoven, with their thesis project “From Language to Design”, a universal design system for design with cultural characteristics.

MIRO’s works explore different aspects of design from crafts and industry to design systems and sustainability. They are designing and exploring design in different levels and disciplines, from 2D to objects to spatial.

Works of MIRO has been shown during Milan and Dutch Design Week, DMY Berlin and other international design exhibition and museum. Michael and Rony are both awarded Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award in 2008 and 2013 respectively.



Interior designer Maurizio Pellizzoni has design in his DNA. It’s no surprise, as he grew up near Lake Como and comes from a family who work in the business. Since founding his consultancy Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd, in 2007, he has applied his Italian appreciation of style and design to a range of residential and commercial projects. Based in the Chelsea Design Quarter, Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd has many of Europe’s best suppliers and services on its doorstep and over the years Maurizio has fostered relationships with the most highly skilled builders, architects and specialists in the field. Personal relationships with clients are central to Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd’s work ethos. Maurizio believes that close, direct contact creates a better project. He will interpret his clients’ tastes and styles – rather than imposing his own – to ensure a unique and characterful end-result. And he’s equally comfortable working on a project from scratch, with an open brief and a blank canvas.

Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd has created interiors for listed, period properties, new buildings, spacious country mansions and bijou townhouses in the UK and abroad. Maurizio’s aesthetic is inspired by the glamour of Lake Como, cosmopolitan New York, and daily life in London where he lives.

He spent more than a decade as part of the creative team at Ralph Lauren Home where he directed the presentation of collections in London, Milan and Brussels. Aesthetic rigour and discipline reigned and Maurizio developed a meticulous eye for detail and a complete understanding of how to create a luxe interior.

Maurizio completed a BA in Interior Architecture at London Metropolitan University and is a member of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID). Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd has received awards from SBID, the ID&A Awards, the International Design Awards and the International Property Awards. Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd’s projects have been featured in publications all over the world. 


Born in 1980, he is graduated from the Osaka Universtiy of Arts, majoring in Architecture. Under the mentorship of Toshiyuki Kita and Keizo Matsui, he has completed the master’s degree in both product design and graphic design.
In 2007, he moved to Milan Italy and worked as product designer. In 2010, he returned to Japan and established Atelier Iki.


Stars & Tart
Land since 2012. 
STARS & TART is a fashion accessory label that picks up the sweetness things within the universe.
Our selection of animals, nature and galactic stuffs are turned into pop & colorful illustrations with a sprinkle of quirkiness. 
Though our products, we love to share happiness to our customers as if they were having a dessert with a petit satisfaction in life.


Xavier Tsang   (founder)
Born in 1982, after graduated from engineering in Hong Kong and product design in Italy, Xavier has worked as product designer in Milan, Hong Kong and China.
He founded Atelier Poesia in 2008 and worked with brands and manufacturers of various fields from furniture to home accessories.
Xavier was awarded Hong Kong Young Talent of Design Special Mention Award in 2013 and "40 Under 40" Award in 2014
In 2012, he founded the candle workshop BeCandle to experiment his ideas through candle as the medium of creation.