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BeCandle 邀請香港資深金工師傅合作,以黃銅製作「BRASS」香薰蠟燭,每個也刻有獨立編號。「BRASS」香薰蠟燭有兩款香氣選擇,包括帶有烏木、黑糖、紫羅蘭、琥珀等醇香氣質的 No. 00 OUD,以及型格俐落、蘊含胡椒、皮革、柑橘和香根草的 No. 09 Legno Due。當本地金工和香氣藝術融和,除了成為空間的重點裝置,也是我們對工藝的由心致敬。新一批「BRASS」香薰蠟燭已到達西貢門市,歡迎前來感受工匠們的專心致志。

The decorative and mechanical purpose creates the aesthetics of brass and its uniqueness in the hands of artisans. Brass is a zinc and copper alloy, it is not only wear-resistant but also oxidizes over time and develops into a distinct shade that cannot be imitated.

BeCandle works with local metalsmiths to create "BRASS" scented candles, each with an individual number engraved. "BRASS" scented candles are available in two scent options, including No. 00 OUD with mellow aromas such as ebony, brown sugar, violet, and amber, and No. 09 Legno Due with elegant scents such as pepper, leather, citrus, and vetiver. When local metalwork and scent merge, it is a statement to the interior and a heartfelt tribute to craftsmanship. The new batch of "BRASS" scented candles is available in the Sai Kung store, come and experience the dedication of the artisans.

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