"Founder Meets Founders" Episode 2

Posted by Sau Yin Tsang


Lester於深水埗大南街創辦「余地」,希望給大家一個寧靜屬於自己的空間,透過純素、茶飲和咖啡、紋身、sound bath及讀書會等活動,享受當下。

- 一件店中挑選的物件
- 一個沒有在使用的容器


I always felt that Lester's face was familiar, and I realized that we must have skateboarded together during our teenage years when we met again.

Lester shared how through different experiences, he became aware of his inner self and sought to explore the essence of life. It seems that our individual growth is shaped by dedicating ourselves to the things we do and discovering ourselves in the process.

Lester founded "余地" (Yudei) at Tai Nam Street, Sham Shui Po to provide everyone with a peaceful space of their own, where they can enjoy the present moment through activities such as vegan food, tea and coffee, tattoos, sound baths, and book clubs.

  • An item selected from the store:
    A wooden sign reminding everyone to maintain silence.

  • An unused container:
    A ceramic container given by a friend during the store's opening time.

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