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Proudly create and product at Sai Kung

Established in 2012, BeCandle is a fragrance product factory and lab located in the heart of Sai Kung. Based on the outskirts of Hong Kong, we produce in small batches with high-quality craftsmanship.

We strive to create each piece with care and quality, using a blend of vegetal and soy wax, fine fragrances and essential oils from Europe housed in hand-blown glass vessels. We have a proud history of creativity and collaboration with international and local brands as well as one-off exclusive piece.


每一件產品都由團隊用心製造。人手吹製的玻璃杯,盛著混合了優質歐洲香薰油的大豆、植物蠟。我們致力創造新嘗試, 曾與多個本地及國際品牌合作,設計與製作不同產品和裝置藝術品。無忘初心的同時,不斷挑戰香味體驗的無限可能性。

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