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BeCandle, founded in 2012 in the seaside town of Sai Kung, Hong Kong. With its own factory, fragrance lab, and shops, BeCandle is committed to developing sustainable aroma products using premium eco-friendly and sustainable raw materials. The brand's refill service unit R, promotes a circular system, reducing waste and environmental impact. BeCandle strives to create beautiful aroma experience while advocating for a sustainable future.


Designer / Editor

Michael young

Michael Young is an award-winning British designer, founder, and creative director of Michael Young Studio. Michael Young Studio was founded in 1993 to provide exclusive, quality design services across an eclectic range of markets – from interiors to technology.

Michael Young quickly became one of the UK’s most sought-after young designers. He became known in the industry as a sophisticated minimalist acclaimed for his elegant, pared-down aesthetic design, which was in direct opposition to the elaborate style dominating London at the time.

Niko Leung

Founder of Future is Transparency , Co-Founder of Hong Kong Soil

Niko Leung, a Hong Kong based product designer working in the realm of object, material research, installation and spatial design. Niko holds a bachelor’s degree in design (Cum Laude) from Design Academy Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Niko enjoyed traveling, had been a resident artist in Jingdezhen (CN), Fiskars (FI), Den Bosch (NL) and Arita (JP). She was awarded DFA Young Design Talent Award in 2017 to undertake a work placement at Studiomake Architects in Thailand.

Niko had practiced as craftsperson at Royal Tichelaar Makkum, NL.

Hong Chong IP / The Grey Green

Macau designer and brand consultant, Hong Chong Ip founded MO-DESIGN with partner Chao Sio Leong in 2010. With professional and creative merits on branding consultation through visual identity and spatial design. MO-DESIGN is the first Chinese design company invited by Tokyo Type Directors Club (TDC) to be the chief designer of the overall visual identity of the Design Awards held in Tokyo and Osaka in 2010.
Hong and Chao have led the company to obtaining worldwide honors and awards in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tokyo, Seoul, Paris, New York and Chicago. 

Ciaolink / Megumi Takami

I started my own art business, 'Ciaolink,' when I lived in Hong Kong back in 2013. The word 'Ciao' was adapted from the Chinese word for bridge, whereas 'link' means 'bridging' or 'tsunagu' in Japanese. Ciaolink's aim is to act as a 'bridge' that connects customers through meaningful artwork.

How "Farewell my" Began

In 2013, while still living in Hong Kong, I developed a series of unique gift for my friends who announced their plans to relocate to another country or return to Japan. At that time, the focus was on divining them souvenir to help them remember and cherish their precious memories of the city.
Inspired by the name of my favorite Hong Kong movie, "Farewell My Concubine", I came up with the phrase "Farewell my HK" to evoke the feeling of sadness mixed with nostalgia that we have when leaving a place we had come to love. Hong Kong truly is a special place.

Local factory

We operate our own candle production factory in Hong Kong, employing a vibrant team of craftsman, taking care of each piece of works with hearts and passions, ensure the quality of each piece of product.

我們在香港擁有自己的蠟燭生產工廠,雇用一支充滿活力的工匠團隊,用心和熱情照料每一件作品, 確保每一件產品的質量

We care

At the same time, we continuously contribute our know-how to support a group of underpreviledged women to develop their own skills to make the living from candle making.


Natural base clean wax

Over the past decade, we have been working with the lab and the wax suppliers to keep refining the wax base materials quality and scent throw performance. With a blend of soy wax, beeswax, mineral wax and coconut oil, we try to achieve optimum quality on scent throw, outlook, glass adhesiveness and stability,


Fragrance Lab

We source world wide and work closely with quality fragrance houses and perfumers to develop our fragrance library. With our inhouse lab, we have the capability to provide customize fragrance creation and developmet, and we have worked with wide range of brands and coporate from various industry to create bespoke aroma and products.


Certified Fragrance materials

We work close with our fragrance supply partners to ensure our raw materials meets COSMOS, ECOCERT,ECOLABEL, GREENSEAL and SAFER CHOICE requirements. The CLEAN FRAGRANCE cert is to ensure the blend do not cause any risk to human health or the environment.

Crafts and community

BeCandle has worked with designers and craftmen from the community to create unique series, including "OUR LAND - Sai Kung Soil" and "Metal Works". The "OUR LAND" series, produced using recycled soil from construction sites won the "Design For Asia Award Gold Award" in 2023.

品牌專注於工藝和社區,近年來與設計師和工匠創作“OUR LAND -Sai Kung Soil”的“我地”—西貢泥、“Metal Works”的黃銅及不銹鋼等系列,當中“OUR LAND”系列 以利用工地回收泥土生產的作品,奪得由—DFA亞洲最具影響力設計獎2023評選的金獎。

East Hotel Pop-up

1/F 29 Taikoo Shing Road,
Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong

香港太古城太古城路29號 1樓

Open 10am - 7pm daily


G/F, 102 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung Hong Kong


Open 11am - 7pm daily

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