"Founder Meets Founders" Episode 6

Posted by Sau Yin Tsang

Michael Young, Founder of Michael Young Studio

第一次認識Michael,係讀書嘅時候一本設計書裏面,介紹20世紀最重要嘅設計師名字,其中一個就係Michael Young,同提及Magis, Capellini等品牌合作嘅作品。幾年前係一個Design Trust嘅展覽,有機會同Michael合作,再了解多啲佢背後嘅設計故事。十分期待嚟緊佢為日本一個題為Craft X Tech嘅展覽創作,透過科技和設計理念,同一位日本傳統金屬職人嘅合作碰撞。另外BeCandle亦將會發佈......

The first time I encountered Michael was while reading a design book during my studies. It featured a list of the most influential designers of the 20th century, and one of them was Michael Young, known for his collaborations with brands like Magis and Capellini. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Michael at a Design Trust exhibition, where I gained a deeper understanding of his design stories. I am eagerly looking forward to his upcoming exhibition in Japan titled "Craft X Tech," where he will explore the intersection of technology and design through a collaboration with a traditional Japanese metal craftsman. Additionally, BeCandle will also be unveiling...

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