Sai Kung Soil

made of recycled soil from local constructions


The scent opens with a burst of fresh Italian citrus, lemon and bergamots with strong uplifting spirits. It morphs gradually with its aromatic and resinous core of sage, coriander, basil, rosemary, jasmine and green resins.

The harmonious herbal notes complement the base of cypress, pine and cedarwood to bring forward the imagery of Italian country side with a chill spin.


Mesmerising atmosphere of tense desire. Healing touch of unfamiliar warmth. Fantasizing memories of admiration and infatuation.

The scent descends into an secret chamber flooded with rose petals, sweet, intoxicating and enrobing the entire space. Exuberant oud, animatic musks and mysterious patchouli compete to fill up the air and leave no prisoner.

A Master Perfumer Scent developed by Frank Voelkl, Firmenich, curated by BeCandle and Gavin Chung