Aromatique Room and Fabrics Spray, 100ml - No. 20 Legno

Aromatique Room and Fabrics Spray, 100ml - No. 20 Legno

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    Woody / Leathery / Nutty - Scent Notes

    Citrus, bergamot, pepper, jasmine, rosewood, violet, leather, cedarwood, vetiver

    Combining woody scents with fun accents of citrus, pepper and leather, Legno is casual sophisticatio. Light this while reading a thought-provoking book to fulfil the epicurean fantasy.


    The deodorising formulation is made with natural plant extract of Japanese persimmon extract with malodour neutralising and antimicrobial function. The material is safe and effective (status as quasi drug in Japan, high safety standard). With the combination of unique scent oils and essential oils, this deodorising spray acts to isolate and neutralise common found malodour molecules and disperse pleasant scent over the space.

    • Plant extract of kaki, very safe with quasi drug approval in Japan.
    • Effective at removing 99.9% ammonia smell.
    • Effective at removing malodour due to sweats.
    • Effective as gentle anti-microbial. 

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