FORMULATE Candle Workshop


The Journey of Art & Science

FORMULATE Candle Workshop 蠟燭工作坊
FORMULATE Candle Workshop 蠟燭工作坊
FORMULATE Candle Workshop 蠟燭工作坊
FORMULATE Candle Workshop 蠟燭工作坊
FORMULATE Candle Workshop 蠟燭工作坊
FORMULATE Candle Workshop 蠟燭工作坊
FORMULATE Candle Workshop 蠟燭工作坊
FORMULATE Candle Workshop 蠟燭工作坊

FORMULATE Candle Workshop 蠟燭工作坊

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    For general inquiry / private sessions / corporate requests, find us at:
    Whatsapp: here
    Phone (Everyday 10:00 - 17:00) : +852 98895039

    Sai Kung Location: 102 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung

    Max number of participants: 4 participants per session
    Suitable ages: 12 years old and/or above (for participants between the ages of 6 and 11, guardian supervision is required)





    Formulate is a unique scented candle workshop of BeCandle, it’s a creative process of art, science and philosophy.

    It is a full-spectrum sensuous voyage of self-discovery while generating a smell that is uniquely yours. Our collaborative team of a perfumer, chemist, and designer came up with the idea after years of sharing our expertise.


    By picking materials of different colors, textures and warmthness to compose your own MOODBOARD based on your memories and emotions.

    以不同質地、顏色、溫度的物料,拼湊和設計出個人 MOODBOARD,重塑腦海中的記憶或感受。

    That's interesting!

    Full spectrum Scent Library

    With the resulted scent codes, you can pick your favorite from our full spectrum scent library with over 60 fragrance raw materials and molecules.


    Schdedule It

    Candle Craft Experience

    Experience the professional candle making crafts.


    TakE AWAY:

    ~ General know-how of scented candle making
    ~ 200g vegetal scented candle with personalized label
    ~ 2ml perfume oil bottle with CODE label
    ~ Gift box with Formulate-Exclusive Label
    ~ CODE card with recorded creative process
    ~ 10% discount on store purchase at the same day


    - 蠟燭製作基礎知識

    - 印有個人化標籤的 200克香薰蠟燭

    - 2毫升香薰油

    - 紀錄蠟燭製作過程的 Code Card

    - 即日於西貢店購物九折優惠

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    The Journey of Art and Science

    What to do in the workshop

    Create Your Moodboard

    Compose Your Keywords

    Try the scents led from your keywords

    Blend and pour your candle

    candle set in 1 hour

    Gift Card


    Workshop: Once you have completed your payment, you will receive an email notification on your order. You may check your junk folder if you can't seem to find it. Can't wait to see you soon.

    Workshop: The location is at 102 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung.

    Workshop: Our Formulate Candle Journey typically lasts for 2 hours.

    Workshop: You may find us at Whatsapp: or Email:

    Workshop: For affected participants under typhoon T8, T9, T10, and Black rainstorm, a reschedule will be offered within the next 6 months.

    Workshop: Formulate Candle journey will continue as usual with imposed safety measurement. Participants who are unwell or tested positive for COVID-19 may submit a request here.
    (Only requests made before class starts (due to sickness, with proof) will be entertained.)

    Workshop: Each enrollment is entitled to one person only. Accompanying companion(s) without enrollment could be refused to enter workshop space.

    Workshop: Children in age 11 or lower can stay with guardians in workshop space, enrollment is not needed.

    Workshop: Due to our safety measurement, we accept conditional enrollment for children between the ages of 6 and 11. Parental or guardian supervision must be present in the duration of the workshop. The guardian's enrollment is not needed.

    Workshop: Out of respect to other class participants and to maintain our experience, latcomers may not be admitted to workshop until intermission. If we are not able to admit you, you may chooe a 200g regular series candle from shop and a 2ml vial of chosen scent as a takeaway instead.

    Workshop: In Formulate Candle Journey, we cherish the enjoyment of our participants. If any participant is absent or drops out for personal reasons, please inform us one week before the class begins. Our team will do our best to accommodate your request on a case to case basis.

    BeCandle reserves the right to amend or cancel the workshop bookings subject to circumstances.



    With the following conditions/precaution:
    📌Max number of participants will be limited to 6.
    📌Walk-in participants will not be entertained.
    📌All participants must wear a mask for the entire duration of the workshop.
    📌Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be provided before entry.

    If you are NOT feeling well, please click here to submit a request for a special arrangement.
    *Only requests made before class starts (due to sickness, with proof) will be entertained.