Take away:

  • 300g vegetal scented candle (custom label)


11:00 & 14:00 (1 hours per session)

Have you got a favourite vessel, old candle jar or glass laying around at home? The most eco-friendly thing you can do with old glasses is not to recycle them, but to repurpose them. Now with our new URS Candle Experience, you can bring your old vessels to life again as a candle!

Bring your own vessel to fill, this can be a BeCandle glass or your own. Each attendee will choose one scent from our fragrance library fine IFRA certified aroma oil, to mix with 300g our in-house wax blend.

To know if your glass is suitable to turn into a candle, your vessel* should be able to hold boiling water safely and have a wide or vertical opening. Additional wax is available for a fee.

* Vessel recommended Glass, ceramics, porcelain or stoneware with wide opening, for other material, message us for consultation.


- We use soy base vegetal wax and cotton wick
- Our library is composed of fragrances, essential oil and scent molecule, can be varied by time
- Wash and clean the container before come in
- Max. 3 containers for 300g candle (each 100g/container) OR 1 container for 300g
- We could provide a 200g container to the customer, if case yours it is not appropriate for candle making.
- If the customer container volume needs more than 300g, we charge $80 for 100g in pro-rata.
- All class participants receive 10% off purchases in-store on the workshop day
- Pick up your scented candle at the same day, 2 hrs set time

Things you need to know before you sign-up!

1. Enrollment in any session is on a "first come first served" basis.  To confirm your place in the session by settle the payment.
2. Candle Experience are typically 1 hour
3. Show up a few minutes early settle in and get ready to be a candle craftsman. 
4. Maximum 12 people for each session, if you are looking for a private session, please contact us at: workshop@becandle.com.hk
5. In event of cancellation due to T8, T10 or Black Rain, the client will be offered to reschedule their session within 6 months.
6. If any client is absent or drops out for personal reasons without informing us 24hrs before the class, we DO NOT offer any make up classes, and we will NOT refund pro rata.
7. If you are going to be late, please contact us ahead of time and let us know, otherwise we may begin the class without you and we dont want to do that! This policy is in place mainly out of respect for the other class participants, and is also due to our shop staffing.



With the following conditions/precaution:

- All Attendees must wear a mask at all times while in the studio – including throughout the workshop.

- We ask everyone to sanitize their hands as they arrive- before touching anything.

- We will provide each person with their own tools for the workshop.

- We limit the number of participants at each session to allow for social distancing.

- Please do not come if you are unwell or have any Covid-19 symptoms. We can offer full credit vouchers.

- To help us restrict the number of people at each session, we ask you to book in advance. We will not accept any “walk-in” customers unless we have space to run the workshop safely.

- We open doors to increase ventilation at all time.