Travel Candle, 80g - No. 88 Amber Wood

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    Scent Notes - No.88 Amberwood

    Vanilla, cardamom, amber, oud

    Amberwood is a soiree of ingredients that comes together to evoke a warm, sweet aroma. Vanilla and Cardamom add sweetness, the latter combining with Amber to bring a signature smokiness forward. Oud is added to the blend for a hint of aromatic smokiness.

    The tactile tin can filled with sensational scent makes it perfect companions for your travel, to infuse your hotel rooms and living space with your favorite scents.

    Finely improved blend of vegetal wax, which burns slowly and gives good scent throw. 

    Made in SAI KUNG, a quiet sea side outskirt of Hong Kong with high quality vegetal wax in small batch, clean burn, lead-free cotton wick and premium fragrance oil. No added dyes.
    Vegetal wax
    Coconut oil
    Fine fragrance
    Essential oil

    Net weight: 80g
    Approximate burn time: 30 hours