SUPERGREEN Series No.32 SuperRose 280g
SUPERGREEN Series No.32 SuperRose 280g

SUPERGREEN Series No.32 SuperRose 280g


The Supergreen series comprises three fresh, green and herbal scents perfect for summer. The staple scent is Supergreen, the other scents Superrose and Supercoriander add a floral and spicy twist respectively to the original fragrance. Housed in a uniquely crafted glass featuring hand blown bubbles, this piece is not just a candle but an aromatic experience.

Supergreen 系列包含三種清新草園的香味,非常適合夏季。 最濃厚綠草地氣味的主要是Supergreen,Superrose 和 Supercoriander 分別在原來綠草的香氣上增添了花香和辛辣味。 這個系列以獨一無二的手工吹製的玻璃杯盛載。它不僅是一支蠟燭,而且是一種芳香的體驗。



Scent Note: Rose, Jasmine, Basil, Green Tea, Musk

Our Superrose fragrance is a floral scent truly unlike any other. We have artfully blended rose and jasmine with powdery musk and rounded green tea, with a spicy kick of basil to tie all the layers together.

我們的 Superrose 香氣是一種獨特而與眾不同的花香。 我們巧妙地將玫瑰、茉莉、麝香和綠茶混合在一起,並加入一點辛辣的羅勒味將所有香氣連結在一起。


Made in SAI KUNG, a quiet sea side outskirt of Hong Kong with high quality vegetal wax in small batch, clean burn, lead-free cotton wick and premium fragrance oil. No added dyes.
Vegetal wax
Coconut oil
Fine fragrance
Essential oil2 wicks

Container Size: 8.5 (dia.) x 9 (H) cm 
Net weight: 270g
Approximate burn time: 60 hours