Reed Diffuser, 200ml - No. 39 Black Fig

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    Scent Notes - No. 39 Black Fig, 5ml

    Wild fig, jasmine, ginger, black amber, patchouli, cedar

    This deep, yet comforting fragrance is sure to bring feelings of warmth and contentment and is a perfect addition to any living space. The main scent of wild figs is elevated by the ancillary notes of jasmine, ginger, black-amber, patchouli and cedar. 

    Fruity / Woody 


    The BeCandle room diffuser is popular amongst those who want a consistent yet subtle aroma. The 200ml fragrance oil lasts 3-5 months, depending on the strength of the fragrance the user wants which can be adjusted by turning the reeds more or less frequently. The simple clean design accompanied with black reeds add a classic touch to any room.

      200ml fragrance oil
      50ml glass flask
      8 reed sticks
      Whole bottle lasts for 3-5 months