Fragrance Oil <br/>No. 84 <br/>Jasmine Peach <br/>5ml
Fragrance Oil <br/>No. 84 <br/>Jasmine Peach <br/>5ml

Fragrance Oil
No. 84
Jasmine Peach


Floral / Fruity / Sweet

Scent Notes:

Apple, pear, lemon, mandarin, loganberry, freesia, tuberose, waterlily, lychee, osmanthus, musk, cedarwoods, dry fruits

This scent is playful, fresh and charming and is sure to have your home smelling like a garden basket in spring. Additional scent notes of citrus fruits, waterlily and musk create layers to this fragrance that can only be enjoyed upon lighting.


Blend of essential oil and natural fine fragrance

Suitable for:

Aroma Burner, Scented Potpourri