Fragrance Oil <br/>No. 28 <br/>Bergamot Cedarwood <br/>5ml
Fragrance Oil <br/>No. 28 <br/>Bergamot Cedarwood <br/>5ml

Fragrance Oil
No. 28
Bergamot Cedarwood


Woody / Fruity

Scent Notes:

Bergamot, cardamom, ginger, cedarwood, clove, jasmine, water lily, sandalwood, vanilla pod, patchouli, dried fig   

Lighting this candle is sure to whisk you away to a walk in the woods. It’s opulent and spicy, with ginger, clove, sandalwood and cardamon featuring as some of the additional scent notes.


Blend of essential oil and natural fine fragrance

Suitable for:

Aroma Burner, Scented Potpourri