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BeCandle x Yeung Chin

Monthly Special Experience with EARLY-BIRD HKD880 
(early bird offer till Apr 21, 2021 original price HKD980)

Take away:

  • Hand-made Cyanotype card x 5pcs (100x150mm)
  • Hand-made Cyanotype handkerchief x 1 (400x400mm)
  • 200g vegetal scented candle (custom label)
  • Gift box (custom label)
  • Collectable CODE bottle (2ml perfume oil)
  • A delicate CODE record card (Incld. your exclusive Mood Board sticker)
  • General know-how of scented candle making
  • General know-how of Cyanotype making

Apr 24, 2021 SATURDAY
Apr 28, 2021 WEDNESDAY

15:00 - 18:00 (3 hours per session)

BeCandle Formulate x Yeung Chin Cyanotype experience is a full spectrum self-exploring sensual journey while creating a scent that is yours alone.

Yeung Chin is a renowned fashion design in town. He was awarded scholarship by The University of Westminster London to study MA in Fashion Design in 2008 and graduated with a scholar of distinction in 2009. He is currently a guest lecturer of HKDI and founded his first concept store at H406 in Central Yuanchuangfang.

The process was invented by Sir John Herschel, a brilliant astronomer and scientist, in 1842. Cyanotypes were traditionally used for reproducing technical drawings and diagrams of architects and engineers. In the mid-nineteenth century, artist and botanist, Anna Atkins brought the process to the attention and imagination of the public when she produced a series of cyanotype prints of seaweeds.

The process involves a mixture of iron compounds to create a photosensitive solution. This is then applied straight after mixing to an absorbent surface such as fabric which it is then left in a dark place to dry. Prints can then be made by placing a negative on to the surface and exposing the coated surface to ultraviolet light. It is then washed in water oxidise to produces prints in a distinctive dark greenish-blue.

Along with our COMPANIONS specialists you will create a bespoke 200ml scented candle with our library of IFRA certified aroma materials, a CODE CARD by Cyanotype technique that records important elements in your creative process, and your collectable CODE bottle (2ml concentrated perfume oil) that represent your creation.

- We use soy base vegetal wax and cotton wick
- Our library is composed of fragrances, essential oil and scent molecule, can be varied by time
- Step by step instructions and guidance
- Gift Box with custom label (only for 200ml glass provided by BeCandle)
- 10% discount of your purchase at the same day
- Pick up your scented candle at the same day.

Things you need to know before you sign-up!
1. Enrollment in any session is on a "first come first served" basis.  To confirm your place in the session by settle the payment.
2. Candle Journey are typically 3 hours
3. Show up a few minutes early settle in and get ready to be a candle craftsman. 
4. Maximum 6 people for each session, if you are looking for a private session, please contact us at:
5. In event of cancellation due to T8, T10 or Black Rain, the client will be offered to reschedule their session within 6 months.
6. If any client is absent or drops out for personal reasons without informing us 24hrs before the class, we DO NOT offer any make up classes, and we will NOT refund pro rata.
7. If you are going to be late, please contact us ahead of time and let us know, otherwise we may begin the class without you and we dont want to do that! This policy is in place mainly out of respect for the other class participants, and is also due to our shop staffing.



With the following conditions/precaution:

- All Attendees must wear a mask at all times while in the studio – including throughout the workshop.

- We ask everyone to sanitize their hands as they arrive- before touching anything.

- We will provide each person with their own tools for the workshop.

- We limit the number of participants at each session to allow for social distancing.

- Please do not come if you are unwell or have any Covid-19 symptoms. We can offer full credit vouchers.

- To help us restrict the number of people at each session, we ask you to book in advance. We will not accept any “walk-in” customers unless we have space to run the workshop safely.

- We open doors to increase ventilation at all time.