BeCandle X Aromokapi <br/> Incense Sticks

BeCandle X Aromokapi
Incense Sticks


Scented Incense produced in collaboration with Okapi Studio. The finely blended scents diffuse into the indoor or outdoor spaces gently with the natural incense.

NO.18 Gardener

Basil, Berry

NO.70 Green Fig

Green fig, lily
Nutty, earthy notes
Currants, amber, musk, patchouli, coconut, plum

NO.48 Frosted Berry

Berry, peach

NO.14 Full City Roast

Citrus, coffee bean
Lavender, cacao
Sandalwood, amber, musk

NO.20 Legno

Citrus, bergamot, pepper
Jasmine, rosewood, violet
Leather, cedarwood, vetiver


Net Wt: ~240g

Approx. burn time per pc: ~ 30mins