Candle Refillery Service

Bring your used vessels and give them a second lives, whether you want to refill your favourite BeCandle scent, or turn an unused jar into a candle we can do it!

Pricing is based on volume, and takes 1 week when they can be picked up from our store in Sai Kung or sent via. courier to you. It takes more energy to melt glass down to recycle it than it does to produce it initially- so take the environmentally friendly step and reuse your glasses with us!



HKD 0.8/g (ie. HKD 160 for 200g vessel)


Other refill stations:

B'in Select

(K11 Art Mall, Fashion Walk Causeway Bay, PMQ, The Mills)



1. Bring the vessels (any materials with shapes safe for burning, glass, ceramics or metals) 

2. Check the vessels size or the volume

3. Pick a fragrance for each vessel and fill in the refillery card

4. We will clean your vessels, pick the right wick size for your perfect burning.

And the candles will be ready to pick up in 1 week