No. 01 <br/>Peony Rose <br/>200g
No. 01 <br/>Peony Rose <br/>200g

No. 01
Peony Rose


Floral / Green / Woody

Scent Note: 

Rose , Peony , Musk , Cedarwood

Envelope yourself in the bloom of fresh peonies, dew covered roses, and warm cedar trees. This fragrance transports you straight to the winding bushes of Burnett’s Secret Garden.

Made in SAI KUNG, a quiet sea side outskirt of Hong Kong with high quality vegetal wax in small batch, clean burn, lead-free cotton wick and premium fragrance oil. No added dyes.


Vegetal Wax , Coconut Oil , Fine Fragrance , Essential Oil


Container Size: 7.4 (dia.) x 8.2 (H) cm 

Product Dimensions:90mm X 85mm X 90mm

Net weight: 200g

Approximate burn time: 50 hours