DUO Candle Warmer 蠟燭燈 + Candle Combo
DUO Candle Warmer 蠟燭燈 + Candle Combo
DUO Candle Warmer 蠟燭燈 + Candle Combo
DUO Candle Warmer 蠟燭燈 + Candle Combo

DUO Candle Warmer 蠟燭燈 + Candle Combo

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    Get two scented candles at a discounted price of $400 when you purchase DUO Candle Warmer, to create a rich and layered fragrance in your space. 凡購買DUO融蠟燈,即可以優惠價 $400 加購以下香薰蠟燭兩個,為空間構建豐富層次的香氣。


    No. 20 Legno 

    No. 28 Bergamot Cedarwood


    No. 37 OSM

    No. 98 Gardenia


    No. 28 Bergamot Cedarwood

    No. 42 Citronella


    No. 01 Peony Rose

    No. 70 Green Fig


    No. 05 Yoyogi

    No. 44 Sandalwood



    Sending a soothing fragrance experience to the sense of smell

    Two in One|Mix and match two candles with personalized fragrance ratio
    Intuitive Design|Adjust brightness and customize the diffusion of the fragrance
    Elegant Silhouette|Heat-resistant cloth surface material, elegant shape
    Innovative Size|Elagant and classic approach to wide range of interior spaces

    DUO Candle warmer comes with a breakthrough ‘two in one’ design which allows users to melt two different scented candles at the same time to blend their signature scents.

    Already being tired of one single note?
    With the design of light melting wax, you can continue to enjoy the fragrance when you fall asleep, and you don’t have to worry about leaving the space. You can focus on the beautiful feeling of the residual aftertaste.

    Product specifications
    Size: 23.5cm (L) * 8cm (W) * 26cm (H)
    Weight: 1,400g

    Material: Birch/ Coated Metal, 100% Kvadrat Linen
    Bulb: 110V 35W GU10 * 2

    Designed and produced by Kimu, Taiwan





    尺寸:23.5cm(長)*8cm (闊)*26cm (高)

    材質:樺木/金屬烤漆、100% 亞麻布
    燈泡:110V 35W GU10 *2

    設計師及生產 : Kimu, 台灣