How Bruce Lee inspired Hong Kong candle brand BeCandle

The Hong Kong-born founder of BeCandle explains how the martial arts legend inspired the name of his company.

Xavier Tsang.

What did you do before BeCandle? "Design is my passion, so, after getting my bachelor's degree in design and automation engineering from Chinese University, I went to the Accademia Italiana di Arte, Moda e Design, in Florence, Italy, to study furniture design. I worked as a product designer for a homeware company in Milan and for a brand of international lifestyle products in Hong Kong for almost five years before I co-founded design studio Atelier Poesia, which makes furniture and consumer products, with other designers in Italy."

What is the story behind BeCandle? "The name is inspired by martial artist and actor Bruce Lee's words 'Be like water', explaining the relationship between Taoist philosophy and martial arts. I think candles are like water in the sense that they can be shaped into different forms."